A Wolf’s Destiny


A pup awoke, eyes blurry and dark from birth. His eyelids shut to protect his fragile eyes. He felt his ears perk up as he heard the first words of his life. “Cobalt. His name will be Cobalt, for his fur is bluer than any of ours.” This cub named Cobalt did not know now that this was to be his name, but he felt that this word was his. Cobalt. It sounded right to him, like it was all he needed. He was Cobalt.

He could feel warm fur next to his, and he knew that this was someone he would love. Someone who was his. His mother, how he knew the word ‘Mother’ he had no idea, but he did. Years of evolution had taught wolf pup’s to know their mother, even with no sight. A sudden, strong scent of milk sent his stomach in circles. Feeling around with his paws he could find where it was coming from, once he did he opened his mouth and suckled. Milk filled his stomach and soon he was full, and curious. He stood up shakily, and stepped forward. His nose twitched as his mothers scent increased and her paws pushed him back.

He let out a squeak of frustration and tried to wiggle his way out of her grasp. Cobalt heard her let out a light laugh and he froze. What did that noise mean? Was it humor, or anger?